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A new kind of birther and death panel insanity explodes

In GOP town halls this month, lawmakers are using new language to validate Right Wing Regressives’ doubts about the president’s citizenship. Ever since 2009, political junkies have turned their attentions outside the Beltway each August, watching to see whether conservative … Continue reading

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National Review Tells Young Whites To Avoid Blacks, Again

Once again, an old white man proves that America’s Right Wing is the breeding ground for racists. From a report by Jack Beauchamp at ThinkProgress: “A top conservative publication published a column on Wednesday advising young white children to stay … Continue reading

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Not Post Racial, But Rather Post White America

Reprinted fron “Revolution MacInnes” with thanks. His words are succint and very thought provoking. “We have reached crossroads in America. The era of post white America has begun, white deaths now exceed births, but we have a great many things … Continue reading

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