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The Latest Republican Threat: Obamacare or Your Life

Once again, America’s Republicans and TeaBirchers prove that they are either sociopaths, who want to squash the lives of 99% of the American people, or are utterly insane. Kevin Drum, at Mother Jones, reports: “A few weeks ago, Republicans unveiled … Continue reading

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Rush and O’Reilly: Race hustlers, Inc.

Limbaugh, Hannity, Bill-O and other right-wing white-grievance mongers are stoking racial tension for cash Bill O’Reilly, Rush Limbaugh (Credit: AP/Jim Cooper/Julie Smith) [From, an article by Joan Walsh on Salon] I was in Ireland when President Obama made his surprise … Continue reading

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Barack Obama and Ronald Reagan


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Closer US-Australia defence ties irk China

China has reacted angrily to remarks by Barack Obama signalling a significant shift in US policy vis-a-vis Asia. The US president has pledged not to let his country’s budget crisis compromise its strategic vision and military presence in the Asia-Pacific region. His commitment came a day … Continue reading

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FACT CHECK: Regulations not a huge jobs killer

Is regulation strangling the American entrepreneur? Several Republican presidential candidates say so. The numbers don’t. The anti-regulatory fervor was in evidence Tuesday night in the latest GOP debate, but rhetorical flourishes, on that and other issues, masked far more complex … Continue reading

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New Free Trade Agreements Could Kill Jobs, Labor Rights

David Bacon writes at Truthout: “Last week, President Obama broke his campaign commitment and put three free trade agreements up for a vote in Congress. Business interests, ecstatic at the prospect, promise they’ll bring us jobs. Experience tells us, however, … Continue reading

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The Magical Mystery Mind of The NRA’s Wayne LaPierre

When I read this report at Crooks & Liars, I developed grave doubts about the mental capacity of Wayne LaPierre, Executive Vice President of the National Rifle Association. Can you imagine any rational person thinking like LaPierre does? Let’s start … Continue reading

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