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Hobby Lobby Hypocrisy

    This is Christian Conservative hypocrisy at it’s very worst and it was supported by the Republican members of the U.S. Supreme Court, who violated every interpretation of the “separation of church and state”. America’s Extremist Christians, who have … Continue reading

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Reason and Faith

Easily the most succinct statement on the battle between Reason and Faith.

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Rush Limbaugh: Christians ‘cannot believe in manmade global warming’

Once again, the foul mind and equally foul mouth of Rush Limbaugh pollutes the minds of low-intelligence Right-Wing Regressives and bigots of the same ilk. Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh advised his religious listeners on Monday that “intellectually you cannot … Continue reading

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When Evangelical Christians were pro-choice

When a religion moves from the spiritual world to the political world, it becomes a cancer eating at the body and soul of the nation it occupies. America’s Evangelical-Fundamentalist Christians, who are now trying to impose their version of the … Continue reading

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