The Latest Republican Threat: Obamacare or Your Life

Once again, America’s Republicans and TeaBirchers prove that they are either sociopaths, who want to squash the lives of 99% of the American people, or are utterly insane.

Kevin Drum, at Mother Jones, reports:

“A few weeks ago, Republicans unveiled their latest brainstorm: a menu of concessions that President Obama could choose from in order to avoid a debt limit crisis. Privatizing Medicare would get him a debt limit increase for the rest of his term. Cutting SNAP and block granting Medicaid would buy him a couple of years. Means testing Social Security would get him a few months.

The whole thing was childish enough that it died a quick death even among tea partiers. So now they have a new rallying cry: repeal Obamacare or they’ll shut down the government.”


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