Not Post Racial, But Rather Post White America

Reprinted fron “Revolution MacInnes” with thanks. His words are succint and very thought provoking.

“We have reached crossroads in America. The era of post white America has begun, white deaths now exceed births, but we have a great many things to do before justice and equality are truly embedded into the fabric of law, society and culture. The Constitution was drafted to protect a very select group of citizens. It is a very bigoted, racist and sexist document. It has proven to be almost impervious to real and equitable change. The amendment process has failed us in modern times almost utterly and completely. It is not a document for the ages, it is a document whose time has past! I can hear the dying white male culture screaming in protest, but your time too has past! America is on the path to truly become a diverse nation. Now it is time for our society, and it’s laws and culture to reflect that diversity!

We have a racist majority in both the Supreme Court and the House of Representatives. Millions of black and brown Americans are victims in a violent and destructive war on drugs. A war conceived to literally destroy the fabric of black and brown communities and culture. In Texas white male Senators promote hate and violence in regards to the right of women to control their bodies. Women are being treated like, chattel, sexual slaves, who even if raped must bow down to the male leadership and rule of law and give birth to a child conceived in hate and violence.

There are many thousands of other examples of racism, sexism, homophobia and classism occurring daily in America and a radical reimagining of our nation’s legal and political landscape is long overdue!

Lets begin the journey together…


Revolution MacInnes”

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