New Free Trade Agreements Could Kill Jobs, Labor Rights

David Bacon writes at Truthout:

“Last week, President Obama broke his campaign commitment and put three free trade agreements up for a vote in Congress. Business interests, ecstatic at the prospect, promise they’ll bring us jobs. Experience tells us, however, their promises are worthless.”

The facts are truly disturbing:

Post NAFTA – between 1993 and 2004, the US trade deficit with Mexico ballooned by $107 billion, which cost 1,015,290 US jobs.

Dumping of US corn and other products in Mexico, led to the loss of well over a million jobs in Mexico.

Mexican wages have declined since NAFTA.

NAFTA did nothing to prevent the blatant violations of labor rights by the Mexican Government.

The Korean Free Trade Agreement will cost 159,000 US jobs in seven years.

[David Bacon’s article in full]

We need to hold President Obama’s feet to the fire and force him to either put aside these new Free Trade Agreements or modify them to ensure American companies don’t outsource jobs.

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