Conservatives’ Lie About Obama In Headlines To Their Stories

I came across this story by Timothy P Carney at TheWashingtonExaminer. It falls perfectly in line with the Conservative philosophy of attempting to tie President Barack Obama in to everything potentially negative in America, even if the connections are tenuous. In this piece of reporting, Carney tries to connect Obama with George Soros, LightSquared and a fantasy that involves an alleged, possible, maybe, tie with LightSquared’s applications for WiFi frequencies.

Obama’s alleged connection is that he bought $90,000 worth of LightSquared shares back in 2005. The fact that Obama would have had to divest himself of these shares when he became President is ignored. We then have the tangential and tenuous connections that LightSquared’s executives may have donated to Obama’s presidential campaign in 2008 and that the owner of that company’s main lobbying firm raised funds for Obama in 2008.

Then came the implication that the White house influenced Gen. Shelton to soften his Congressional testimony in an attempt to support LightSquared. The trouble for the author with this fantasy is that the testimony was not watered down. The only amendments were to include a statement of purpose and a notification that any questions of testing would be resolved within 90 days.

Carney then brings George Soros into the picture, because Soros apparently bought stock in 2009 and is supporting LightSquared via some of his organizations. As Soros is an investor, would you expect him to do anything less? To do so is idiocy. So much for Soros’ part in this story.

Carney finally brings Conservative hacks into the story, with more fantasies about the White House “influencing” testimony on behalf of “donors”. That all administrations consult with administration officials before they give testimony to Congress is the norm, but this is only touched on briefly in the story. There is no mystery here. Administrations want to get their opinions into the record.

The bottom line is that the LightSquared story is a non-story, beaten up by Conservative hacks and GOP-TeaParty Congressmen in an attempt to harm Obama. The Congressional inquiry is a joke; a meaningless piece of political posturing. And the implication in Carney’s  headline, as is the case with just about all stories produced by Conservatives about Obama, is a lie.

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