Is there Pay-to-Play in the GOP controlled House?

Are we seeing another example of Pay-to-Play in U.S. politics? Everything that I’ve seen on John Boehner’s connection to the Coal Companies screams that there well might be.

According to an article by Jaeah Lee of Mother Jones, GOP Speaker Boehner’s funding from coal companies has increased 2400% over their contributions in the 2009-2010 election cycle. On its own, this sudden quantum leap in coal company contributions to Boehner would not have piqued my interest, but, when I discovered that one of the notorious Koch Brothers had his finger in this pie, I took a second look.

The real issue, to me, is .. has there been a quid pro quo .. has Boehner been “paying back” the coal companies for these contributions; the “play” end of an illegal Pay-to-Play scheme? What would you think if you saw a stream of bills, some 125 in total, going through Boehner’s House of Representatives – bills that attempted to castrate the coal-companies’ enemy, the Environmental Protection Agency, and environmental protections in general?

I believe that this needs to be examined closely. Will Darrell Issa (R) start a House inquiry into Boehner’s actions, so that daylight can be brought to bear on the question of whether or not Boehner is involved in a Pay-to-Play scheme with the coal companies? And, on why the coal companies appear to hold such an important spot in the GOP’s and Tea Party’s legislative agenda?

Needless to say, the coal companies will shrug their shoulders and say “Who? Me?”, with a wink and a smile. But, the question remains: Is there Pay-to-Play in the GOP and Tea Party controlled House?

Jaeah Lee’s article can be found here.

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