Conservatives display more childish nit-picking and bitchiness

It has become patently obvious to me that far too many Conservatives spend all their time trying to take apart the words of President Barack Obama. They are obsessed with a quest to find even the most inconsequential of things that they can then present to the world as proof that Obama is unfit for the Presidency. This childishness – this “Na-Na-Na-Na Syndrome” – takes stupidity to a degree never seen before.

The latest “find” by these children is that Obama mis-spoke a couple of times regarding Abraham Lincoln; that he associated Lincoln with a two or three things with which Lincoln had, in reality, not been connected. They have then gone on to make hyperbolic assertions and assumptions that stretch credulity; a “Na-Na-Na-Na” that takes childishness to the extreme.

This article by John Hayward at Human Events ( is one of these priceless bits of childishness. He is not alone, but he does exemplify the sheer puerile idiocy to which Conservatives have descended in their attempts to discredit and defeat Obama.

“I have to admit that Barack Obama’s pathetic attempts to airbrush himself into history alongside legendary figures are just white noise to me at this point.  The first time I watched his speech last night, I laughed out loud when he mentioned Abe Lincoln, and drowned out the following sentences.

I had other fish to fry when poring over the transcript, but the indefatigable Ed Morrissey of Hot Air picked up on something I missed.  Obama apparently went off-teleprompter during his Lincoln reference, tossing in a little something extra:”


“Why did Obama feel the need to slip that into his remarks?  He just demonstrated embarrassing historical ignorance before a joint session of Congress, in a widely televised address… and it was wholly unnecessary.  The point he was trying to make, that Lincoln spent a lot of money on projects vaguely similar to the boondoggles Obama wants to blow hundreds of billions of dollars on, is entirely unrelated to whether Lincoln founded the Republican Party.”

With children like this vying to lead America, all I can say is: If they ever have complete control of the nation, God Help America.

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