Ann Coulter, Sarah Palin and Barack Obama

This is my response to an idiotic post on the blog named “Hoosiers For Sarah Palin”. The author(s) bite at Ann Coulter for referring to Palin as the “Obama of the Tea Party”, and for castigating Palin’s followers for, in essence, snarling at and biting anyone who attacks Palin. Funnily enough, they just go on to prove Coulter’s argument.

Here’s a bit from the post:

“In a larger context, the comments, connected with another set of statements made by Ms. Coulter, have made me question her logic.  Running for the Presidency is a step down for Sarah, says Ms. Coulter, yet a run for the U.S. Senate from Arizona isn’t?  Does that make any sense to you at all?  Another reason for me to question the logic of Ms. Coulter is her calling Sarah the Obama of the Tea Party and criticizing me and other Palinistas as being somehow too intolerant of the attacks and insults aimed at Sarah by pundits and politicians.

Where does she get off calling Sarah “the Obama of the Tea Party”?  Because Palinistas like myself simply believe she’s the best candidate out there?  Contrary to what Ms. Coulter believes, we who support Sarah Palin do not think of her as some kind of superwoman or messianic figure.  The reason I support Sarah Palin has always been because of her record as a public official, her stances on the issues and the content of her character.  In other words, I and other Palinistas believe Sarah is the best possible candidate for President in 2012.  And when it comes to defending Sarah against the attacks and insults, our purpose has been quite simple: to straighten the record about her and correct the absurd claims brought up over the past three years.  Ms. Coulter apparently thinks that’s going overboard, which makes me think she’s blind as well as illogical.”

True intelligence at work there? I think not. But, on to my response to their post:

“Sarah Palin and Ann Coulter are amongst the evil sisters of Conservative Hate. It’ll be amusing to see the outcome of this spitting match.

Onto the next subject .. you people are truly unhinged. Sarah Palin is an ethically challenged, intellectually incapable, quitter. She’s only the froth, but not the milk shake. C’mon, get real. Having a spiteful mind and a squealing head doesn’t make her a leader. Her mind is only Twitter-Facebook capable; only able to produce nasty one-liners. It’s a good thing for Palin that her ghost-brain, which produces everything else she spews, is just as nasty as she is and is just as puerile. It helps her make money off spite. Squealing a stream of lies about Obama doesn’t mean she can take him on. She hasn’t the intellectual capability or the strength of character. It’ll be pitting Sarah the Shrimp against Obama the Orca. “

Now, let the games begin…

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